Resume Tips for your next opportunity
Your resume is a foot in the door, the first introduction.
If the office is difficult to find, take a drive by the day before. And look around also, the world is a changing enviroment, it doesn't hurt to about parking ahead of time without having to ask. It takes the edge off your nerves and gives you alternatives if you run into delays..
Consider eliminating your objective from the resume.
It's one of the first things an employer sees & often screens you out and rarely is written exactly for the position you're interviewing for. You might be surprised how many employers don't read beyond the objective
If you have a little work experience yet you've earned a degree, put the degree first, then your experience
Most people have experience, with or without a degree. In the case put the experience before the degree.
If you feel employers see you as having too much experience, only go back 3 positions, or 10 years, whichever reflects on paper
If you have received your degree many years ago and are concerned employers may feel you have too much experience since then, leave off the year you received the degree.
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